Resource Allocation Scheme (RAS)

RAS Round Eight -  for access to resources from January 2014

Key Dates:

  • 30th September, 2013: RAS Round Eight call for applications opens
  • 28th October, 2013: Applications close (without exception)
  • 1st January 2014: Resource allocation is made available to successful projects

You are strongly recommended to read the help page for tips on writing a successful RAS application.

To start your RAS application follow this link.


The Resource Allocation Scheme (RAS) is the formal process through which VLSCI resource grants are allocated. Resources are awarded for a year and there are two RAS rounds per year.  Calls for applications open in March for a July to June allocation and in September for a January to December allocation. Applications are evaluated and resources are granted subject to the VLSCI Terms and Conditions. To apply for VLSCI resources at other times, please contact the VLSCI Help Desk (Help icon on this page). Resource allocation outside RAS Rounds may be applied for through the PCF Manager and will be subject to resource availability and RAS Committee evaluation.

Who can apply ?

Staff members of a Victorian public research institution (including Victorian Higher Education Institutions, Medical Research Institutes, Teaching Hospitals and Victorian-based CSIRO Laboratories) and postgraduate students (through their supervisor) are eligible to apply to the Resource Allocation Scheme. Please also read about the Types of Projects we support.

Industry enquiries are also welcome and may be made to the Director at any time.

Startup Grants can be applied for at any time and holders of a Startup Grant can submit a full RAS Application covering resources until the end of that year.

Costs of Access

There will be no charge for use of computational resources granted by the RAS Committee. Usage of data storage beyond that granted for a project may incur a charge.

The PCF has a budget to install application software and datasets that are commonly used by the life sciences research community. Commercial software required by only one project will be considered by the RAS committee and if awarded may be purchased by VLSCI at the PCF manager's discretion.

Note that a grant by the RAS Committee does not imply that the VLSCI will necessarily acquire any software requested for that project.

Users are expected to access the Peak Computing Facility via AARNet. The PCF will cover the AARNet charges that it incurs, but users must pay for any communications charges billed directly to them from AARNet and any other data communications organisations that they may use.