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Peter Mac are currently recruiting, closing date 2 November 2016:

Software Developer, Bioinformatics & Software Developer, Database Systems & Web Applications

Posted on behalf of Ken Doig, Bioinformatics, Cancer Research Department, Data Scientist, Molecular Pathology Department, PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre, VCCC, 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne



La Trobe University Genomics Platform is recruiting a Bioinformatician in Genomics to provide expert advice and bioinformatic support in collaboration with academic and industry researchers.  Apply now if you would like to: provide bioinformatic support to research groups across the University in a variety of disciplines, collaborate with researchers to provide technical interpretation of genomics datasets, and write scripts and automation to support the data analysis pipeline.  More information.


RESEARCH MASTERS and PhD PROJECTS targeting health and medical research in life science computing

Traditionally, medical advances have been yielded from analyses of small datasets resulting from relatively contained experimental designs. In recent times, however, great progress has been made in generating large, curated and publically available collections of data that have the potential to be harnessed to address important medical questions. The key to doing this is cross-disciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, molecular biologists and mathematicians.

The VLSCI combines a wealth of human expertise with powerful computational resources. We are a multidisciplinary organisation, consisting of computer scientists, molecular biologists and bioinformaticians with a strong track record of collaborative research.

We have identified a number of exciting biomedical research projects with the potential for significant real-world impact, such as improving cancer treatments and diagnostics, and are seeking expressions of interest from students. The focal areas of research will expose students to functional genomics, application and development of machine learning techniques for bioinformatics, as well as developing computational tools to decipher molecular mechanisms of diseases. Our projects would be ideally suited to prospective Research Masters or PhD candidates who excel in data analytics, and/or computer science and are driven to apply these skills in this rapidly developing area of medical research.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Bernard Pope, Head of Clinical Genomics and Head of Cancer Genomics, or

Dr Daniel Park, Head of the Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform and Head of the Genomic Technologies Group.

Students wishing to embark on graduate research at the University of Melbourne should contact the Melbourne Scholarships Office to get advice and details regarding funding opportunities.

Opportunities for travel grants, scholarship top-ups and casual work may be available from VLSCI for students directly engaged on our own research projects, subject to funding. 


Contact Christina Hall with any enquiries about VLSCI Opportunities on 8344 3528.