VLSCI is continually modifying and adding to a wide range of technical information and instruction to ensure that users of our systems are connected with the knowledge and expertise they need.  Please note that some of the documentation relates only to a specific machine; in this case it will be labelled as such.  If you require any assistance, send a request via the Help Tracking System (at right). All use of VLSCI is subject to the VLSCI Terms and Conditions

Connecting, Transferring Files, Editing & Building

How to connect to VLSCI systems, move files around, edit and build applications.


Running a Job: The Queuing System

VLSCI, like most HPC facilities uses a queuing system to organise access. Understanding how to use it correctly is essential to make the best usage of awarded resources.


Software Applications

VLSCI makes available a wide range of open source and commercial software on its systems.  Here is an index with some pertinent information about the applications and their usage.