Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform
MBP is a service of the University of Melbourne

Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform

The Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform (MBP) supports Melbourne (Parkville) precinct life scientists with access to bioinformatics expertise, training and support as well as high-performance computing. MBP is run out of VLSCI, leveraging expertise from a pool of academic bioinformaticians spanning a broad range of specialisations.

Access the following services, and our experts, anytime by sending an email enquiry to the address below. 


Local MBP workshops - introductory workshops for 2017 Q2 will be announced shortly

Galaxy Australasia Meeting - we are hosting this important conference, including a range of workshops, from 3rd-9th Feb

National EMBL-ABR workshops - 'the data life cycle' and much more

COMBINE workshops - organised by students for early-career researchers

International training through EMBL-EBI, ELIXIR and GOBLET - workshops and online training

Local tutorials - made available through access to GVL (see computing below) 


Project engagement - capitalising on a broad expertise base

Hi-Plex targeted sequencing - world-leading and versatile technology developed in Melbourne (VLSCI and Dept Pathology). The core Hi-Plex paper was listed as among the Top Ten BioTechniques Peer-reviewed Papers of 2015

Expertise groups

Best-practice design and analysis advice

Platforms and Computing

Genomics Virtual Laboratory (with Galaxy) - live in October 2015, this NCRIS-funded, Australian-made, web-based platform and toolkit enables biologists to analyse their data without the hard knocks of the command line

High-performance computing - VLSCI compute clusters and the Research Cloud


Advice, assistance and collaboration

Co-ordination and dissemination

Local seminars

WEHI Bioinformatics seminars

UoM Computational Biology Research Initiative seminars


EMBL-ABR (EMBL-Australia Bioinformatics Resource) -

(ABACBS) Australian Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Society -